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Person-Centered Psychological Services offers Client Centered Therapy and Humanistic Neuropsychological Evaluations in Chicago Illinois and Suburbs
Person-Centered Psychological Services | Client Centered Therapy | Humanistic Neuropsychological Evaluations | LGBTQAI+ Queer Affirming | Attention Memory ADHD Alzheimer's in Chicago Illinois and Suburbs

Meet our Providers

Dr. Margaret S. Warner, PhD (she/her) is a Distinguished Professor at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology at National Louis University in Chicago. Dr. Warner has published widely and has offered many presentations to international groups on “difficult process”, diversity, and the person-centered theory of meaning. She is currently working on a book to be published by PCCS BOOKS called A Very Human Process. Dr. Warner is the 2022 recipient of the Eleanor Criswell Hanna Award, Celebrating Women in Humanistic Psychology for recognition of professional accomplishments that celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in humanistic psychology.


Dr. Warner received a doctorate in Behavioral Sciences from the Committee on Human Development of the University of Chicago in 1979. Her clinical training was undertaken at the Chicago Counseling and Psychotherapy Center, an offshoot of the original Counseling Center founded by Carl Rogers at the University of Chicago.

She is a non-directive client-centered therapist who has practiced for over 35 years, with a particular emphasis on working with clients experiencing “difficult process." Dr. Warner also has a particular interest in a person-centered approach to diversity issues. She co- founded a group called “Face to Face with Diversity” that conducted a day-long person -centered diversity group at the Chicago 2000 conference and afterward ran diversity groups and classes and conducted diversity-oriented person-centered training for clinical psychology students.


Dr. Warner was a co-founder of the Minor in Client-Centered and Experiential Psychology at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. With a group of volunteers, Dr. Warner convened Chicago 2000: The Fifth International Conference in Client-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies, the first time that this conference had been held in the United States. She was a founding member of the World Association for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling.

Margaret S. Warner, PhD Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Client-Centered and Person-Centered Therapist in Chicago, Illinois

Margaret S. Warner, PhD

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